Trump Administration Releases U.S. National Security Strategy

U.S. Department of State’s “DipNote”: President Trump Releases National Security Strategy
This blog post discusses the administration’s newly released National Security Strategy (NSS), as well as highlights statements from U.S. officials on the strategy. The blog post notes, “The NSS identifies four vital national interests, or ‘four pillars’: protect the homeland, the American people, and American way of life; promote American prosperity; preserve peace through strength; and advance American influence” (12/18).

USAID: Statement from USAID Administrator Mark Green on the National Security Strategy
In a statement on the National Security Strategy, USAID Administrator Mark Green says, “As the world’s leading development and humanitarian assistance agency, USAID is in the forefront of helping our nation respond to, counter, and prevent complex threats and crises around the globe, while creating a more economically prosperous world. … We will reform and modernize our development tools to achieve the best possible outcomes for our aspiring partners, and for the United States. USAID is guided by the principle that foreign aid’s purpose is to end the need for its existence, by helping partners achieve self-reliance. With this aim, USAID will bring to bear our most sophisticated development tools to support the four pillars outlined in this year’s National Security Strategy” (12/18).