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Trump Administration Promotes Business Interests Over Child Health By Countering Original WHA Breastfeeding Resolution

The Hill: U.S. puts business ahead of children’s health
Michael Rosenbaum, professor at Columbia University Medical Center and pediatrician

“…The U.S. efforts to curb promotion of breastfeeding are especially surprising since the United States has consistently recognized the potential benefits of breastfeeding and been increasingly supportive of women who choose to do so. … The concern here … is an administration promoting industry at the expense of children and ignoring the potentially ‘huge’ financial and health benefits of legislating to create better options to breastfeed, especially in third world nations. … We aren’t the country that treats promotion of good health practices by foreign governments as aggressive economic assaults demanding retaliation. It is a shame that we had to take a lesson in common sense and humanity from Russia to curb our devaluation of the lives of children. We should have known better” (7/16).