Trump Administration, Populist Movements Threaten Global Health Funding, Efforts Worldwide, Laurie Garrett Says

Deseret News: Trump endangers funds that prevent pandemics, Pulitzer winner and ‘Contagion’ consultant says at BYU
“President Trump and other populist world leaders are dismantling funding that protects the world from future epidemics as they put national interests ahead of global health, a Pulitzer Prize-winning expert said Tuesday at Brigham Young University. Isolationist movements are challenging globalization and defunding global development programs, threatening to undermine massive gains made over the past 17 years in life expectancy, child mortality, and the eradication of deadly diseases, said Laurie Garrett, an global health and infectious diseases expert who served as a technical adviser for the film ‘Contagion’ and spent 13 years as a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations…” (Walch, 11/28).