Treating People With HIV As Soon As Possible Would Provide ‘Double Benefit’

New York Times: Treating HIV Patients Before They Get Sick
Editorial Board

“…The finding [of the START trial that shows people living with HIV should begin treatment as soon as possible] raises the powerful moral question of whether global and national organizations can find the will — and the resources — to protect millions of people from deaths and diseases that could be prevented. … While costly, putting all HIV-infected people on the drug regimen would provide a double benefit. It would improve the health of those infected and, by suppressing the amount of virus in their bodies, lessen the risk that they might spread the virus to others, through unprotected sex or through needle-sharing among drug addicts. … A committee of the World Health Organization is planning to issue new treatment guidelines soon. It has good reason to recommend treatment for all infected people, even those with normal CD4 counts” (5/30).