Treating High Blood Pressure, Reducing Sodium, Trans Fat Intake Could Prevent 94M Early Deaths Worldwide, Study Estimates

The Independent: Tens of millions of premature deaths could be avoided by cutting out salt and trans fats, study finds
“Cutting down on salt, getting rid of trans fats, and treating high blood pressure could prevent almost 100 million premature deaths globally, a new study has revealed. … At the forefront of the plan would be to increase the use of blood pressure medications, many of which are safe and affordable. … Regions expected to benefit most from the targeted interventions include East Asia, the Pacific, and South Asia, as well as countries in sub-Saharan Africa…” (Forrest, 6/10).

UPI: Lowering blood pressure, sodium intake may prevent 94 million early deaths
“…Experts estimate increasing high blood pressure treatment to 70 percent of the world’s population could increase the lifespan of nearly 40 million people, according to a study published Monday in Circulation. Reducing sodium intake could extend the lives of another 40 million people, and eliminating trans fats could cut nearly 15 million premature deaths due to cardiovascular disease…” (Dyson, 6/10).