Transparent, Accessible Data Needed To Achieve Zero Hunger

ONE/Thomson Reuters Foundation: Crunching data and sowing seeds of change to reach zero hunger
Eloise Todd, global policy director for The ONE Campaign

“…Currently no resource exists for the global-citizen to track progress toward meeting Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2, zero hunger). Mapping needs, tracking resources to results, and analyzing policies is essential to reach zero hunger: and to do this requires data. ONE is working with partners to find the best way to monitor needs, resources, and policies for SDG2, and brought together experts in both agriculture and nutrition policy areas to discuss how to get to better accountability. … Making data accessible, clear, and open to citizens is crucial. … Community-led accountability should be a central aim of these efforts. Achieving this Gold Standard of accountability will require consistent, open and transparent data, and positive cooperation from every partner…” (11/2).