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TPP Would Create ‘Damaging Monopolies,’ Hurt Health System

Washington Post: Letter to the Editor: The Trans-Pacific Partnership would worsen health crises
Rohit Malpani, director of policy and analysis for Médecins Sans Frontières’s Access Campaign

“The April 25 editorial ‘A healthy agreement’ suggested the [Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)] won’t significantly restrict access to medicines, including in developing countries. [However, some] countries … have seen dramatically higher prices for medicines under TPP-like rules. … The TPP introduces damaging monopolies. Yet even the status quo is a crisis. Too many patients worldwide cannot afford treatment. The patent system doesn’t address many health needs, including antibiotic resistance. Countries should reject the TPP. Doubling down on the current system isn’t just the wrong prescription; it’s also a deadly one” (4/28).