To End AIDS Epidemic, Global Health Community Must Learn From Young People’s Experiences

Huffington Post: Defeating HIV/AIDS Means Listening To Young People
Peter Piot, director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and professor of global health

“…[A]dolescents and young people in [sub-Saharan Africa] are being left behind in the HIV/AIDS response. … [T]he global community desperately needs to understand and learn from young people affected by HIV. … The 2018 International AIDS conference in Amsterdam is a key opportunity to keep the momentum [of ensuring young people’s voices are heard] going as young people will be a focus at the event. If we are to reduce stigma, break down barriers to treatment and care, and provide services that are tailored to the reality of being a young person living with or at risk of HIV, young people need to play an integral part in research and policymaking. Bringing the AIDS epidemic to an end requires the global health community to work together and listen to those directly affected…” (7/14).