Time To Expand Sanitation For All

“That 2.6 billion people live each day without a proper toilet is shocking,” Willem-Alexander, the Prince of Orange who is also chair of the U.N. Secretary-General’s Advisory Board on Water and Sanitation, writes in an opinion piece in the Hurriyet Daily News, which marks the launch of a U.N. effort to build political will for sanitation.

“Today, I would argue we are at a tipping point – more and more people are seeing sanitation’s fundamental value and there are many reasons to be hopeful. Recently, the U.N. has demonstrated a genuine willingness to push sanitation to the center of the international development agenda. Countries have recognized that access to sanitation is a human right. … In 2015, do we want more people to have a proper toilet? Of course, we do – for 2.6 billion reasons,” he writes (6/20).