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Three Recommendations For Improving Provision Of Health Care In Africa

Huffington Post: Three Recommendations to Foster Development in Africa’s Health Markets
James Bernstein, co-founder, chair, and CEO of Eniware LLC, and Aline Wachner, PhD candidate at the International Research Network on Social and Economic Empowerment at Zeppelin University, Germany

“First, we all need to transcend our conceptual hesitations and start to act. … [Then, in] order to do this, we need to encourage risk-taking and understand failure as a learning opportunity. … Third, we must make sure we don’t lose sight of the very poor. … These three recommendations represent changes to the way that we typically conceptualize the provision of health care in East Africa, but also represent concrete ideas that can be implemented by business leaders, investors, donors, and policymakers. The demographic and economic realities clearly call for a shift in the ‘business as usual’ (or lack thereof) approach to saving lives and improving health in the developing world. Although the prospect of moving beyond the donor-based system that has formed the basis for global health for the last 50 years is daunting, it presents an exciting opportunity to build a new health sector almost from scratch” (4/7).