The Lancet Interviews 6 WHO Director-General Candidates On Experiences, Platforms

The Lancet: WHO’s Director-General candidates: visions and priorities
“…As the world enters a new era — that of the Sustainable Development Goals — the [WHO] director general has an essential voice in shaping the meaning of health in an era of human dislocation, pervasive inequality, mass migration, ecological degradation, climate change, war, and humanitarian crisis. Six excellent candidates for director general are standing. All have wide experience in health, as one would expect, but each offers a very different platform. … To help clarify their experience, visions, and ideas, we invited each candidate to offer a brief manifesto and to answer a series of 10 questions to illuminate their positions on what we see as some priorities for the organization…” (Horton/Samarasekera, 10/13).