The Guardian Examines Progress Made On MDG 6, Remaining Challenges

The Guardian: What is the Millennium Development Goal on HIV and malaria all about?
“When the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were devised, AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis killed approximately six million people each year. World leaders felt it was imperative to have a goal dedicated to tackling this deadly trio. … U.N. data indicate that the world is on track to meet its target of halting and reversing the spread of malaria and TB, but will fail to meet all targets on HIV and AIDS…” (Kweifio-Okai, 6/18).

The Guardian: Millennium Development Goal 6: 15 achievements on HIV and malaria
“More than three million deaths from malaria and 22 million from TB have been averted, and about 13 million people are on antiretroviral therapy to combat HIV…” (Kweifio-Okai, 6/18).