The Economist Examines Gates Foundation’s ‘Goalkeepers’ Report

The Economist: Great strides have been made against disease and poverty
“…A report from the [Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation] published on September 13th suggests that progress on several [health and development] fronts may be starting to falter. For a variety of reasons, from demography to American and European politics, Mr. Gates fears that campaigns to eradicate extreme poverty, HIV, and malaria are going awry. He also believes that the rich world has not noticed. … Peter Piot, director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, describes the report as ‘a wake-up call’…” (9/14).

The Economist: The Gates Foundation is worried about the world’s wellbeing
“…Their report examines future scenarios, considering 18 global challenges from cutting child mortality to increasing financial inclusion, based on different degrees of optimism and pessimism. … The couple argue that the decisions that the world makes over the next two years or so will have a huge impact on the futures of millions, if not billions, of people…” (9/14).