The Economist Examines Efforts To Eradicate Malaria

The Economist: Eradicating disease
“To exterminate a living species by accident is normally frowned on. To do so deliberately might thus seem an extraordinary sin. But if that species is Plasmodium falciparum, the sin may be excused. This parasitic organism causes the most deadly form of malaria…” (10/10).

The Economist: Breaking the fever
“…[V]igilance has brought Swaziland to the threshold of becoming the first malaria-free country in sub-Saharan Africa, the part of the world most blighted by the disease. Swaziland’s struggle is part of a wider battle that the world is waging — and winning. If it succeeds, Swaziland will join more than 100 countries that have eliminated malaria within their borders…” (10/10).