TED’s Audacious Project Awards 8 Projects, Including END Fund’s Effort To Increase Access To Deworming Treatments, WASH

Fast Company: TED just raised $280 million for 8 world-changing projects
“Last year, TED announced the Audacious Project: a massive philanthropic effort to fund projects tackling specific but pernicious issues across the globe. … For the 2019 cohort, TED has raised another $280 million for another eight projects, and that funding pool will continue to grow as more contributions come in following the annual TED conference in Vancouver. These are the new Audacious Project members, which span social justice, global health, education, and science and climate: … The END Fund is tackling a truly pernicious issue: the presence of parasitic worms in people across the world. Through the funding, the organization wants to bring deworming treatment to 100 million people and support partnerships to increase access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education. Last year’s projects have already seen major progress: Sightsavers, the organization fighting blindness, used the funding to eliminate trachoma in Ghana…” (Anzilotti, 4/16).