Technological Innovations Can Improve Health Care Quality, Help Meet Development Goals

Frontline Health Workers Coalition: A Connected Health Workforce is Essential to Global Health Security
Corinne Mahoney, senior manager of communications and knowledge management at IntraHealth International, discusses the use of mobile phones to help spread information and knowledge among health workers, writing, “When we invest to give health workers what they need to do their jobs — whether it’s stronger communication, improved training systems, or more reliable supply chains — not only do we succeed in tackling the crisis du jour, we also build stronger, more resilient health systems in the long run…” (4/6).

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Impatient Optimists”: Developing Partnerships to Change the World
Todd Pierce, chief digital officer at the Gates Foundation, proposes the establishment of a Digital Foundation Partnership to help use technological innovations to achieve sustainable development objectives. “…In coming days, I’ll be calling on investors to say we need your financial support to help nonprofits connect with technology. I’ll be calling on technologists and entrepreneurs, because we need your big ideas to improve how we transact…” (4/6).