TB Eradication Possible With Proper Health Care Systems, Diagnostic Tests, Vaccines, Funding

Project Syndicate: Taking the Offensive Against Tuberculosis
Gunilla Källenius, professor of clinical microbiology at Karolinska Institutet

“…[T]he world now has a narrow window of opportunity to eradicate TB. Taking advantage of it will require the rapid development and dissemination of effective diagnostic tools, novel drug treatments, and innovative vaccines, in conjunction with efforts to ensure that health care systems are equipped to deliver the right care. … But scaling up investment in diagnostic tools and treatments for TB costs more money than has been allocated. Of the estimated €1.73 billion ($2 billion) that is needed annually for research and development, only €589 million was invested in 2013. … Closing the funding gap and ending the scourge of TB will require the involvement of more — and more diverse — donors. If the private sector is unwilling to do its part, it is up to governments to step in with a sustained commitment — manifested in direct contributions, as well as efforts to create the right incentives — to achieving the SDG target to which they have agreed…” (8/31).