Tanzania President Magufuli Calls For Citizens To Stop Using Birth Control To Increase Population

Al Jazeera: Tanzania’s John Magufuli advises against birth control
“President John Magufuli has advised Tanzanian couples to stop using contraceptive methods, saying that the country needs more people, according to local media reports…” (9/10).

BBC News: Tanzania’s President Magufuli calls for end to birth control
“…Opposition MP Cecil Mwambe has criticized the comments, saying they contradicted the country’s health policy…” (9/10).

CNN: ‘Don’t use birth control,’ Tanzania’s President tells women in the country
“…[Magufuli] was quoted in a local newspaper, The Citizen, as saying that those advocating for birth control were foreign and had sinister motives. Magufuli urged citizens to keep reproducing as the government was investing in maternal health and opening new district hospitals…” (Busari, 9/11).