Taking Action On Climate Change Essential To Protect Global Health, Future Generations, Opinion Piece Says

The Telegraph: The world must recognize that climate change is a health as well as an environmental emergency
Andy Haines, professor of environmental change and public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

“…Climate change is a threat to global and national security but it is also costing lives and livelihoods right now. … [Extreme weather] events severely impact the earth’s flora and fauna, but also our health, security, and way of life. … Climate change is bringing different species of warm, wet weather-loving mosquitoes nearer our doorsteps, and they’re carrying dangerous diseases with them. … There must also be a sea-change in our rhetoric, attitudes and actions, from world leaders, health professionals and the public. And there has to be a realization that climate change is a global health emergency that has a direct effect on our health and that of future generations. … We know that rapid action will bring benefits, not just by reducing the risks of dangerous climate change but also by cutting air pollution. … [M]itigating climate change is not just about protecting our planet and its precious biodiversity, it’s about improving health and saving lives now and in the future” (12/3).