Tackling Health, Poverty Essential For Growth, Prosperity In Africa

Reuters: Africa’s about more than Ebola, it’s about optimism, too
Michael Elliott, president and chief executive officer of The ONE Campaign

“…[I]t’s key to avoid slipping into a discussion of African policy that is riddled with false dichotomies — as if then it was about tackling health and poverty, while now it should be about growth and opportunity. The truth is, these are two sides of the same coin. … The best news coming out of the summit is that policymakers understand these old and new narratives are part of the same story. Through hard work, skill, and determination, Africans are building something new and exciting. … In the last two decades, funding to tackle Africa’s health crises, poverty, and hunger have been essential to provide the wherewithal for growth and prosperity. Now is not the time to forget that truth” (8/5).