Systemic Changes Needed Globally To End Gender-Based Violence

Humanosphere: Gender-based violence, misogyny, and a global hypocrisy that fuels it
Imana Gunawan, Humanosphere’s social media manager and podcast producer, discusses the prevalence of gender-based violence globally and within the U.S., writing, “[T]here are many faulty systems that lead to a culture in which these incidents are typical. And one of the most defunct parts is our society’s inability to look past specific cases and see an underlying cultural force that fuels these seemingly separate incidents. It’s hypocritical when international leaders or activists denounce a gang rape in Delhi, India, but not similar sexual assault cases that happen within fraternity houses across the United States. … They exist within and are perpetuated by the same system. Legal, political, cultural, and social systems have to work in tandem [to end gender-based violence]” (6/17).