Syrian Government Criminalizes Medical Care To Insurgents, Persecutes Health Workers, Physicians For Human Rights Report Says

New York Times: In Syria, Health Workers Risk Becoming ‘Enemies of the State’
“…On Wednesday, Physicians for Human Rights, a group that has documented the collapse of Syria’s health care system, released a study asserting that over the course of the war, President Bashar al-Assad has successfully made medical assistance to his enemies a crime. Whether it is disinfecting a fighter’s wound or even supplying painkillers to clinics in an insurgent-held neighborhood, such acts are punishable under a counterterrorism law enacted by Mr. al-Assad’s government just over a year after the conflict began in March of 2011. A special court has tried tens of thousands under the law, including many medical workers…” (Gladstone et al., 12/4).