Sustained International Assistance Needed To End Ebola Epidemic, Improve West Africa’s Health Systems

New York Times: Ebola Isn’t Over Yet
Craig A. Spencer, humanitarian aid worker with Doctors Without Borders and director of global health in emergency medicine at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center

“…So much of what I hear about Ebola in West Africa is wrong. The most common misperceptions — that the epidemic is almost over; that enough trained personnel are available to combat the crisis and the aftermath; that plans are in place for post-Ebola recovery — will only encourage inaction and harm the response on the ground. … Without sustained assistance from the international community, the nations of West Africa face a losing war of attrition with the epidemic. … If the epidemic’s immediate impact on the West African health system sounds dire, the probable consequences are even more unsettling. … We cannot allow Ebola to continue destroying communities even after it’s gone. Instead, we must seize the opportunity to restore and improve the capacity of the region’s health systems…” (8/17).