Support For Breastfeeding Can Improve Health Outcomes, Lessen Environmental Impact, Opinion Piece Says

The BMJ: Support for breastfeeding is an environmental imperative
Naomi Joffe, technician and environmental lead, Flic Webster, milk donor, and Natalie Shenker, researcher, all with the Hearts Milk Bank at the Rothamsted Institute

“Conversations around the complex subject of infant feeding have invariably focused on health outcomes, but recent studies have highlighted the environmental cost of decades of disinvestment in services to support breastfeeding. Breastfeeding uses few resources and produces minimal or zero waste. The associated infant and maternal health outcomes produce healthier populations that use fewer healthcare resources. The production of unnecessary infant and toddler formulas exacerbates environmental damage and should be a matter of increasing global concern. … We need to acknowledge that ‘our house is on fire’ and that the next generation requires us to act quickly to reduce carbon footprints in every sphere of life. Breastfeeding is a part of this jigsaw, and urgent investment is needed across the sector” (10/2).