Strong Health Systems Critical To Success Of Ebola, All Vaccination Efforts

Devex: Ebola vaccine impact depends on a strong health system
Samuel Kargbo, director of health systems, policy, planning, and information at the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of Sierra Leone

“…[E]ven once [an Ebola] vaccine is approved for widespread use, it will be no silver bullet. The gaps in our health care system that allowed Ebola to advance so quickly must be filled if this new vaccine — or any vaccines — are to realize their life-saving potential. … In the aftermath of the Ebola crisis, we are rebuilding our health system — giving us the opportunity to do things better than before. This means taking stock of the weak points that still exist in our vaccine delivery and public health systems, and fixing them. … A commitment to childhood vaccination means, at its core, a commitment to rebuilding our health system with attention to both the big picture and the details that make quality health care available to every individual…” (10/19).