Strengthening Global Defenses Against Pandemic Threats Critical For World’s Health

Washington Post: Think ‘globalists’ are villains? Look at the Ebola outbreak.
Michael Gerson, syndicated columnist

“…When it comes to health, the world has become a single, massive body. A serious infection arriving at the weakest part of the immune system — say, the health systems of West Africa — could easily spread to the whole. This argues for strengthening our health defenses — the ability to detect and respond to pandemic threats — in remote places. And it will require vaccines that can ring a disease and make a global immune response more effective. At the NIH, [Director Francis] Collins has been pushing hard for the development of a universal flu vaccine, which would be broadly protective against pandemic strains. Funding that effort could end up the most important spending in the entire federal budget. The globalization of threats — from terrorism to pandemic disease — is a bare, unavoidable fact. And it will only be met and mastered by determined, heroic globalists” (5/21).