Specific Guidance On Domestic Funding Necessary For Full UHC Implementation, Experts Say

Devex: Without ‘concrete’ directives, new UHC agreement could fall flat
“The onus to help everyone — including the most marginalized — secure universal health care coverage will likely depend more on individual government spending than on new foreign assistance, experts say. Funding will be a critical, but not guaranteed, element in the forthcoming universal health coverage agreement governments will sign in September during the opening of the U.N. General Assembly session. … The current ‘zero draft’ of the UHC agreement, published in May, recognizes the need for a ‘paradigm shift’ and a boost in domestic investment to guarantee health care access for all. But it does not include specific domestic funding commitments, which will be key for full UHC implementation, global health experts tell Devex…” (Lieberman/Ravelo, 7/2).