Advocates Discuss Lack Of Hard Timeline In Clinton’s HIV/AIDS Plan; Development Experts Discuss Potential U.S. Aid Agenda Under Possible Clinton Presidency

The Advocate: Here’s What Was Missing From Hillary’s HIV Plan
“Hillary Clinton has an updated plan to end the AIDS epidemic both nationally and internationally. The plan, released Monday, included many applause-worthy commitments to achieve this end, which will go into motion if Clinton becomes president. … Yet Clinton’s plan is missing a key element: a hard timeline to end the epidemic. … But rather than announcing a timeline at this point Clinton, in the plan’s first bullet point, committed to assembling an End the Epidemic task force that would be charged with setting these goals at a future date…” (Reynolds, 8/3).

Devex: What would Hillary Clinton’s U.S. aid agenda look like?
“…Devex spoke with aid officials and experts at last month’s White House Summit on Global Development and attended the convention in Philadelphia. More than a dozen development professionals, Clinton supporters, advisers, and skeptics shared their expectations, hopes, and anxieties about what Hillary Clinton’s U.S. aid agenda might look like if she becomes the next president. Some, particularly those with ties to Clinton’s campaign, shared views on background in order to speak candidly…” (Igoe, 8/3).