Social Media Helping Spur Conversation Surrounding Global Newborn Health

Writing in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Impatient Optimists” blog, Jennifer James, founder of Mom Bloggers for Social Good, discusses how social media is advancing the conversation surrounding global newborn health. “During the Global Newborn Health conference that was held [last] week in Johannesburg, South Africa,” social media “transcended continents, brought communities together, and facilitated a passionate exchange of ideas,” she writes. Noting the launch of the Global Newborn Action Plan, a roadmap that will change and improve global newborn health and survival,” James says “there is a call-out for all stakeholders to add insights and recommendations to the Global Newborn Action Plan ahead of its official launch in November 2013.” She concludes, “You can follow the conversation on Twitter at #NewbornActionPlan and also have your say at” (4/19).