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Single Gene Mutation Possibly Made Zika More Dangerous To Fetuses, Study Shows

New York Times: The Zika Virus Grew Deadlier With a Small Mutation, Study Suggests
“…An intriguing study in mice, which has prompted some skepticism among experts, suggests that a single genetic mutation helped transform the Zika virus into a devastating force in Latin America. The report was published on Thursday in the journal Science…” (Belluck/McNeil, 9/28).

NPR: How Zika Became So Dangerous For Babies
“…A single mutation — just one change in the virus’s genes — dramatically increases Zika’s ability to damage fetal neurons and leads to more severe cases of microcephaly in mice, the team reports…” (Doucleff, 9/28).

Reuters: A single genetic glitch may explain how Zika became so dangerous (Steenhuysen, 9/28).

Scientific American: A Single Mutation Helps Modern Zika Cause Birth Defects (9/28).

Wall Street Journal: Genetic Mutation Made Zika Virus More Dangerous, Study Says (McKay, 9/28).

Washington Post: Zika was a mild bug. A new discovery shows how it turned monstrous. (Wan, 9/28).

Wired: One gene mutation may cause Zika’s devastating birth defects (Molteni, 9/28).