Simple Technological Solutions, Maternal Health Initiatives Critical To Achieve MDG5

Huffington Post: Access to Maternal Health Saved My Life and My Son’s
Elizabeth Gore, entrepreneur in residence at Dell

“…With simple technological solutions like RapidSMS and We Care Solar kits and programs like Girl Up, if the U.N. keeps this momentum going, I’m confident that they will meet their goal of reducing maternal deaths by 75 percent by the end of this year. That will be an incredible feat, but I’m sure the organization won’t stop there when it comes to improving maternal mortality. … [I]t doesn’t matter whether you’re a woman in a refugee camp or a woman in Silicon Valley — improved maternal health should be everyone’s concern. We need initiatives like [Millennium Development] Goal 5 to empower women to make important choices for their health, families, and children. In the end, giving women the power to take hold of their own futures unlocks their true potential to change the world” (9/8).