Sierra Leone, Guinea Experience Near Fourfold Increase In Ebola Cases In One Week, WHO Says, Warning Vigilance Must Remain High

New York Times: Doctors Link Risky Burials to Ebola Rise in West Africa
“Only days after declaring the lowest number of new Ebola cases in Guinea and Sierra Leone this year, officials at the World Health Organization said Tuesday that there had been a nearly fourfold increase during the most recent week of reporting, to about 35 new cases…” (Nossiter, 5/19).

Reuters: New Ebola cases in Guinea, Sierra Leone show huge effort still needed — WHO
“…The 35 new cases in the week to May 17 were in six districts of Guinea and Sierra Leone, with most infections in Guinea, [WHO’s special representative for Ebola, Bruce] Aylward said, giving no breakdown of the preliminary figures. A total of nine were confirmed the previous week…” (Nebehay, 5/19).

VICE News: Ebola Cases Quadruple in Guinea and Sierra Leone as Rainy Season Sets In
“… ‘It will take an extraordinary effort to finish the job,’ Aylward told a briefing attended by health ministers. ‘With the start of the rainy season today, the doubling of effort will be that much more difficult, that much more important’…” (Ruble, 5/19).

VOA News: WHO: Ebola Is Still a Risk, Requires Vigilance
“…At a WHA conference [in Geneva], Magaret Chan, WHO’s director-general, kicked off a panel discussion on Ebola with a cheery note — a reminder that Liberia had been declared Ebola-free May 9. … But, Chan added, ‘This is a qualified victory … because the country remains at risk of reinfection from its neighbors’…” (Schlein, 5/19).