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News Outlets Examine Effects Of Sierra Leone’s Ebola Epidemic On Orphans, Women

Al Jazeera: Did the world fail Ebola orphans in Sierra Leone?
“…Although Save the Children’s policy restricts her from addressing specific cases, Deanne Evans, the organization’s child protection manager, spoke generally, explaining that ‘there were a lot of competing demands, and of course in all of that, children fell through the cracks.’ ‘There are children who suffer today because they didn’t get the services they needed and there are children who died because they didn’t get the service they needed,’ Evans says…” (Inveen, 7/3).

Christian Science Monitor: Ebola’s aftermath in Sierra Leone: ‘this is how I know women are so strong’
“…When the Ebola virus struck Sierra Leone and neighboring Guinea and Liberia beginning in early 2014, it killed ferociously — and the majority of both its victims and survivors were women. Ebola struck Sierra Leone’s women in large part because they refused to turn away from their loved ones, says Tina Davies, formerly the coordinator for Ebola survivors at Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender, and Children’s Affairs…” (Brown, 7/1).