Sierra Leone Failed To Fully Account For Allocated Ebola Funds, Audit Shows

Media outlets discuss findings from a report on the disbursement of Ebola funds in Sierra Leone.

The Guardian: A third of Sierra Leone’s Ebola budget unaccounted for, says report
“Sierra Leone has failed to properly account for almost a third of the money allocated to fight Ebola, national auditors have found. These undocumented losses may have slowed the country’s emergency response to the Ebola outbreak and may have led to unnecessary loss of life, the authors of a detailed report on the crisis said…” (O’Carroll, 2/16).

Reuters: Sierra Leone failed to properly account for Ebola funds — auditor
“… ‘Monies that have been set aside for the purpose of combating the Ebola outbreak may have been used for unintended purposes, thereby slowing the government’s response to eradicate the virus,’ the report said…” (2/15).