Sierra Leone Enters New 42-Day Countdown To End Ebola Epidemic

Reuters: Sierra Leone starts new countdown to Ebola-free status
“Sierra Leone has released its last two known Ebola patients and begun a new 42-day countdown to a declaration that it is officially free of the virus, officials said on Monday…” (9/29).

VOA News: Sierra Leone Begins New Ebola 42-day Countdown
“… ‘We are very much cautiously optimistic that we will graduate into the 42-day without any relapse but we are intensifying — as a government and medical people — that we must not compromise the medical measures that will contain Ebola for its eventual eradication,’ [Abdulai Bayraytay, national publicity and outreach coordinator in the office of Sierra Leone’s government spokesman,] said…” (Butty, 9/28).