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Sierra Leone Charges 29 Government Health Officials With Defrauding GAVI Alliance

“The head of Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission says that 29 government health officials will appear in court on corruption charges for having allegedly defrauded” the GAVI Alliance, the Associated Press reports. “Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara told the Associated Press that the government’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kisito Sheku Daoh, six other medical doctors and 22 health officials are charged with defrauding the [GAVI Alliance]” (3/10). “The GAVI Alliance put on hold some $6 million in grants late last year after an internal audit found more than $1 million already disbursed for the impoverished West African nation’s health sector had gone missing,” according to Reuters, which adds, “GAVI said irregularities, which included undocumented expenses, cash disbursements with no documentation and overcharged procurement costs, occurred from 2008 to 2011” (Trenchard, 3/8).