Several Congressional Staffers Note Dispute Between Congress, White House Over Administration’s Proposal To Eliminate State Department’s Office Of Global Women’s Issues

Foreign Policy: In Trump’s Plan to Gut Foreign Aid, Battle Lines Drawn Over Global Women’s Issues
“Women’s issues remain a heated area for debate in Washington as the federal budget battle plays out. And there’s a crucial office in the State Department now facing its own existential battle amid Trump’s plans to gut funding for foreign aid and diplomacy. Several congressional sources told Foreign Policy one of the sharpest disputes between Congress and the White House over the budget is the proposed elimination of the ambassador-at-large for global women’s issues — a State Department posting that coordinates the U.S. government’s women’s development and empowerment programs around the world. Trump’s proposed foreign aid and development budget completely zeroes out the $8.25 million allotment for the ambassadorship, created by President Barack Obama in 2009…” (Gramer/Mellen, 5/1).