Sen. Chris Coons Outlines Global Health, International Development Priorities In FY20 Spending Bill

U.S. Senator Chris Coons: In 2020 spending bill, Sen. Coons secures funding for national security and international development priorities
“U.S. Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.), the first Delaware senator in more than 40 years to serve on the powerful Appropriations Committee, secured funding in the Fiscal Year 2020 federal spending bill to ensure the United States remains a global leader by investing in programs to promote national security, cultivate international development, and provide lifesaving global health assistance around the world. … The federal spending bill includes provisions that will ensure the United States remains globally engaged and continues to safeguard national interests and values around the world, including: The Global Fragility Act, Senator Coons’ bipartisan legislation to improve U.S. government efforts to prevent terrorism from taking root in developing countries around the world. $301 million to stand up the new Development Finance Corporation and implement the BUILD Act, Senator Coons’ bipartisan legislation to modernize U.S. development finance tools, double the U.S. lending capacity, and channel U.S. private sector investments to low-income countries around the world…” (12/19).