Security Issues Hindering U.S. Government Response To Ebola In DRC

Axios: Lack of security is “significant impediment” to U.S. help on Ebola
“The U.S. is facing a ‘significant impediment’ to its overall plan to help the Democratic Republic of the Congo bring its deadly Ebola outbreak to an end, as inadequate security continues to plague the region near Beni, the epicenter of the outbreak…” (O’Reilly, 11/14).

Wall Street Journal: Congo Is Too Risky for U.S. Ebola Experts
“…While American officials are advising the DRC government, the U.S. has pulled Centers for Disease Control and Prevention experts who specialize in treating the deadly virus from remote areas to safer cities…” (Burton, 11/14).

Washington Post: As Ebola outbreak worsens in Congo, U.S. stays out of war zone
“…Whether to deploy personnel to the heart of the outbreak is a continuing debate within the administration. … ‘Securing the safety of our staff is our highest priority,’ one administration official said during a briefing for reporters Wednesday. He spoke on the condition of anonymity because of rules set by the White House. Washington is continually monitoring the security situation, but right now, ‘it’s simply too dangerous,’ he said…” (Sun, 11/14).

Additional coverage of the DRC Ebola outbreak and response is available from CIDRAP News, The Hill, HuffPost, and NPR.