SDGs Must Have Explicit Indicator To Track, Achieve Global Hygiene Target

Huffington Post: Hygiene: The Cinderella of the SDG ball
Layla McCay, secretariat director at the Global Public Private Partnership for Handwashing

“…Statisticians at the U.N. have recently proposed dropping hygiene from the list of [Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)] indicators that will be tracked globally, in a bid to reduce the number of things to measure. The problem is that without a global hygiene indicator, we cannot know whether or not countries are on track to achieving the hygiene target. And if hygiene is not being explicitly tracked at a global level, the mandate to invest in its improvement will be diluted. … Ninety international corporations, non-governmental organizations, multilateral organizations, and coalitions have signed a letter this week asking key United Nations decision makers to stop this from happening. Hygiene is not a matter of ‘nice to do’; losing hygiene from the global indicator list would represent a failure to fully capitalize upon this historic opportunity to bring better health, nutrition, education, equity, and economic opportunities to millions around the world…” (7/16).