Scientists Begin Phase 2 Clinical Trial Of NIH-Developed Experimental Zika Vaccine

STAT: Scientists begin mid-stage trial of Zika vaccine for first time
“Scientists have begun a Phase 2 trial of a vaccine to protect against the Zika virus, the first time an experimental Zika vaccine has gone beyond initial safety testing…” (Branswell, 3/31).

Wall Street Journal: Experimental Zika Vaccine Shows Promising Early Results
“An experimental Zika vaccine developed by an arm of the National Institutes of Health showed promising results in early human trials, a tentative validation for a new DNA-based technology that scientists say could significantly strengthen defenses against emerging epidemics…” (McKay/Loftus, 3/31).

Washington Post: Zika vaccine test moves to next stage with more than 2,000 volunteers in U.S., abroad
“…Testing [of the experimental vaccine will first begin in Houston,] Miami, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, and by June, researchers hope to enroll more than 2,000 volunteers in those cities and other regions in the Americas to determine whether the vaccine is effective in preventing infection, a top U.S. researcher said Friday…” (Sun, 3/31).