Science Review Examines Impact Of Climate Change On Global Food Security

In a review published in Science last week, Tim Wheeler of the University of Reading’s Walker Institute for Climate System Research in the U.K. and Joachim von Braun of the University of Bonn’s Center for Development Research examine the impacts of climate change on global food security. “A robust and coherent global pattern is discernible of the impacts of climate change on crop productivity that could have consequences for food availability,” and “[t]he stability of whole food systems may be at risk under climate change because of short-term variability in supply,” according to the abstract. “However, the potential impact is less clear at regional scales, but it is likely that climate variability and change will exacerbate food insecurity in areas currently vulnerable to hunger and undernutrition,” the abstract notes, adding, “The evidence supports the need for considerable investment in adaptation and mitigation actions toward a ‘climate-smart food system’ that is more resilient to climate change influences on food security” (8/2).