Science Magazine Examines Science-, Health-Related Issues Likely To ‘Demand Attention’ From Next U.S. President

Science: Science lessons for the next president
“…What science-related issues will the next president face? Climate change is sure to loom large, as will the annual debates over how much the government should spend on basic research and which fields are likely to provide the biggest short-term economic payoff. Technological advances, from self-driving cars to genome engineering, will pose new regulatory challenges. And surprises such as disease outbreaks, oil spills, and natural disasters are all but certain. In each case, a little science savvy might help a president better understand the issues and how best to respond. With that in mind, we offer the winner of next month’s election a crash course in six areas of science that are likely to demand attention in the Oval Office over the next four or eight years…” (Malakoff/Mervis, 10/21).