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SciDev.Net Launches ‘Role Models’ Series To Highlight Women In Science

SciDev.Net: The world needs to create a ‘new normal’ on gender
Ben Deighton, managing editor of SciDev.Net

“…The World Economic Forum’s latest Global Gender Gap Report, which looks at how close countries are getting to equality between men and women, points out that many countries actually slipped back last year in their Global Gender Gap Index, which measures differences between men and women across health, education, economy, and politics. It means that, on a global scale, 2017 was worse than 2016. It’s the first time the index has slipped since they started measuring the gender gap in this way over a decade ago. … The world needs to work together to create a ‘new normal,’ where woman and men are on an equal footing. At SciDev.Net, we’ve launched a series of articles called Role Models, which seek to hold up successful women in science. We interview women at the top of their fields to find out about the science they are doing, expose the hurdles they had to overcome to get there, and highlight their ideas about getting closer to the goal of gender equality…” (6/25).