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Saving Newborns Involves Implementing ‘5 Simple Steps’

Huffington Post: The 5 Easiest Things We Can Do to Save Newborns
Caryl Stern, president and CEO of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF

“…Experts in the field have taught us that the first 24 hours of life are critical to a baby’s survival. About a third of all newborn deaths happen on the day they are born, many of them from preventable causes. Thanks to a new body of research, we know that we can reduce this mortality rate significantly by following five simple steps. 1. Wrap the baby up; 2. Give her air; 3. Clean the cord; 4. Breastfeed; 5. Hold the baby close … Promoting proper neonatal care through these five steps is an important component of UNICEF’s mission: Protecting the world’s most vulnerable mothers and their babies in some of the most dangerous and remote parts of the world…” (8/19).