Sanofi Remains Committed To Ensuring Vaccines Available To All People

New York Times: Letter to the editor: The Drug Maker Sanofi’s New Dengue Vaccine
Kathleen Tregoning, executive vice president for external affairs at Sanofi

“…Sanofi spent close to $1.5 billion and 20 years developing a new dengue vaccine for the world’s most at-risk populations. We develop lifesaving vaccines for many other diseases that affect the developing world — cholera, yellow fever, polio, and sleeping sickness treatment — and provide them to international organizations at minimal costs. It was our experience with dengue, which is closely related to Zika, that led to our work with the United States Army on a potential vaccine. Should our clinical trials find that the Army’s Zika vaccine candidate is effective, the United States government will receive royalty payments to help offset its investments in our development work. And when it comes to pricing, Sanofi’s long history demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that our vaccines are available to those who need them, no matter where they live” (7/24).