Rwanda Working To Meet 2013 Goal To Medically Circumcise 50% Of Men For HIV Prevention

Rwanda is expanding its medical male circumcision program this year, “as the country attempts to reach its goal of medically circumcising 50 percent of men by June 2013 as part of HIV prevention efforts,” PlusNews reports. “The free male circumcision program began in October 2011, and officials at the Ministry of Health say demand is growing,” according to the news service. However, with only 15 percent of men circumcised and a shortage of qualified health care workers, “the goal is unlikely to be met unless lower cadre health workers are involved in the campaign,” PlusNews writes.

“The government is hoping for WHO approval of a device known as the ‘PrePex system,’ which delivers ‘bloodless’ male circumcision and would reduce the need for a sterile environment, anesthetic, and highly trained medical personnel,” the news service writes, noting a public education campaign on circumcision is helping to dispel myths about the procedure (1/9).