Rwanda Must Continue To Strengthen Health System With Decreasing Reliance On Global Fund

New Times: How to leverage partners’ money in strengthening a country’s health system
Yvan Butera, general practitioner at the Rwanda Military Hospital

“…Rwanda’s visionary approach to the use of Global Fund money for strengthening its health system has been effective in meeting health-related development targets and allows the government to look ahead toward strategies for maintaining a resilient health system independently. We should, now, usher in the era of a progressive shift en route to locally funded health programs. … Unlike most countries, Rwanda … used [Global Fund] money to strengthen its entire health system. … With this approach, Rwanda was able to achieve the health-related [Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)] through financial inputs of the Global Fund. … Looking forward, these gains should be kept, improved, and sustained with decreasing reliance on the Global Fund. It is through a resilient health system owned by the country, public-private partnership, and local inter-sectorial partnerships that the health system can be sufficiently strong” (6/19).