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Rush Foundation, Copenhagen Consensus Centre Examine How To Spend Hypothetical AIDS Funding

In this post in the Center for Global Developments “Global Health Policy” blog, Mead Over, a senior fellow at the center, writes that the Rush Foundation has asked the Copenhagen Consensus Centre to address the question of how to spend an additional, but hypothetical, $10 billion on HIV/AIDS programs in Africa over the next five years. According to Over, experts have been commissioned to write hypothetical proposals in six areas of competing interest, including prevention of sexual infections, prevention of non-sexual transmission, vaccine research, social policy, health systems strengthening, and AIDS treatment. “On Monday and Tuesday, Bjorn Lomberg, director of the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, and Marina Galanti, co-founder of the Rush Foundation, will be chairing sessions at which [a] Nobel Laureate Expert Panel will hear all six of the authorial teams argue our analyses of our respective assigned interventions,” he writes (9/23).