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Rural Communities Need To Be ‘Resilient, Diverse, Interconnected’ To Achieve Food Security, Withstand Climate Change, Conflict

The Conversation: World hunger is increasing thanks to wars and climate change
Leah Samberg, research associate at the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota

“…Around the world, social and political instability are on the rise. … At the same time, these regions are experiencing increasingly powerful storms, more frequent and persistent drought, and more variable rainfall associated with global climate change. These trends are not unrelated. Conflict-torn communities are more vulnerable to climate-related disasters, and crop or livestock failure due to climate can contribute to social unrest. … To reduce world hunger in the long term, rural populations need sustainable ways to support themselves in the face of crisis. This means investing in strategies to support rural livelihoods that are resilient, diverse and interconnected. … In many places, one of the best ways to bolster food security is by helping farmers connect to both traditional and innovative social networks, through which they can pool resources, store food, seed and inputs and make investments…” (10/17).